2023 Ford F150 Lightning Battery Size, Price, Reservation

Fordredesign.com – The 2023 Ford F150 Lightning, an all-electric version of the most famous car in America, marks a significant turning point in the transition away from fossil fuels. The F150 Lightning was unveiled for 2022 after the current version of F150 was unveiled for 2021. Although it initially appears to be a standard F150, the Lightning has special features and abilities that conventional gas-powered trucks simply cannot equal. The Chevrolet Silverado EV and GMC Sierra Electric are two of the F150 Lightning’s rivals as the first widely available electric pickup trucks. Any changes for 2024 are expected to be minor and primarily cosmetic.

2023 Ford F150 Lightning Redesign


The F150 Lightning is the ultimate truck of the time because it combines the best truck features developed over decades of production with a forward-thinking powertrain, as evidenced by its victory in our 2023 Truck of the Year competition. The familiarity with which the 2023 Ford F150 Lightning drove pleased our judges, but we also dubbed it the “best-riding, best-handling, and best-driving F150 yet.”

It continued to operate admirably as an EV while also beginning to perform admirably as a vehicle. The Lightning has constantly moved at a rapid pace. The Lariat Extended Range variant reached 60 mph in 3.8 seconds while the base Pro model did so in 4.2 seconds. With its gas-guzzling turbocharged V-8, the F150 Raptor R, which reached 60 mph in 3.7 seconds, is only slightly slower than that vehicle.

2023 Ford F150 Lightning


The 2023 Ford F150 Lightning should have comparable technological features to the 2024 model. Lower-end F150 Lightning trims come with a 12.0-inch tablet for the infotainment system, while higher-end models get a 15.5-inch portrait-oriented screen upgrade. Both offer over-the-air update functionality as well as wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. There is a 12.0-inch, all-digital gauge monitor on every grade of the truck. There are normal USB ports as well as a wireless charging pad. A 360-degree camera system, phone-as-key capability, and an 18-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio setup are examples of high-end technological features.

2023 Ford F150 Lightning Engine

To allow electric AWD, every F150 Lighting uses a dual-motor powertrain (one on each axle). The normal range battery has a usable capacity of 98 kWh, while the extended range pack has a 131 kWh capacity. The normal range battery produces 452 horsepower and the extended range battery produces 580 horsepower; both batteries produce 775 lb-ft of torque. Range is estimated to be about 230 miles with the normal range battery. We have seen this battery’s charge rates marginally exceed 140 kW, which is higher than Ford’s stated maximum of 120 kW. The extended range battery has a capacity of up to 320 miles.

The 2023 Ford F150 Lightning can tow up to 10,000 pounds when fully equipped. Our experience has shown that the truck is excellent for hauling due to its powerful electric torque and innovative features. To the delight of EV skeptics, clickbait headlines stating that the Lightning’s range is drastically reduced when towing have been plastered across the internet. We put an F150 to the test by towing various-sized and-weighted trailers while recording the outcomes to find out what actually occurs when you tow with one.

Ford F150 Lightning Battery Size

Depending on your trim level, the battery capacity for the 2023 Ford F150 Lightning is either 98 kWh or 131 kWh. On a complete charge, those batteries can propel the Lightning 230–320 miles. A popular and well-liked pickup vehicle that is a mainstay on American roads is the Ford F150. This battery has a higher charging rate, which in our tests also went above the 150 kW limit stated. That’s still slower than some other electric vehicles, though.

2023 Ford F150 Lightning Release Date And Price

The Pro version of the 2023 Ford F150 Lightning costs $55,974 up front plus a delivery fee. The XLT High trim, which starts at $80,974, is the first model with the expanded range setup. Nearly $97,000 is the price of the highest Platinum Extended Range version. How am I going to find out if I’ll be able to make a 2023 MY order? invitations Will started giving out in August. and will keep distributing tickets until 2023 MY.

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