– The Atlas concept emerged in 2013 as a teaser for the next-generation Ford F-150 truck. As a result, the famous truck incorporated some of the ideas shown on the new platform. However, we are still waiting for the concept’s production form. Everyone expects it to be part of the F-150 lineup. The 2023 Ford Atlas could be offered as a special edition of the truck next year. The base truck had a big update for the 2019 model year, so the Atlas might be a throwback for the American automaker.

The Ford Atlas’s body architecture will be its distinguishing feature. It will, however, be identical to its F-150 sibling. However, the specifications sheet will disclose that there is much more to the outside design. The body panels and parts will be comprised of a range of lightweight materials. As a result, the Atlas truck will be much lighter than the F-150.

The performance will differ as well, but the truck’s acceleration, top speed, and towing capacity should be the same. Few other improvements will distinguish the Atlas apart from the F-150, both inside and out. The truck will use existing drivetrains and will not feature any novelties under the hood.

2023 ford atlas
2023 ford atlas

2023 Ford Atlas Design

Exterior Design

In terms of style, the new 2023 Ford Atlas will have to deviate from the original concept. This idea was first proposed about a decade ago. Atlas will have a more F-150-like design as a result of this. As a result, the Ford Atlas will have a new shape with stunning body lines. The front fascia will not change significantly, but the remainder of the exterior will have to. As previously stated, the dimensions will be different, and the Atlas will be larger than the existing F-150 pickup truck.

Interior Design

Back in the day, the Atlas concept appeared futuristic and unique. To remain competitive, the 2023 Ford Atlas must be modernized. As a result, this model will use all of the most recent features and equipment to draw attention. Atlas will, for starters, provide an outstanding number of safety features. Some of the features featured on the Atlas concept were adopted in the new F-150. We anticipate further innovation from Blue Oval, especially with GM and Ram delivering a slew of new products. Ford will most certainly respond, and these advancements will be highlighted in the new Atlas.

2023 Ford Atlas Engine Specs

As previously mentioned, the 2023 Ford Atlas will use one of the F-150’s existing drivetrains. The range, on the other hand, is fairly vast. The pickup is available with either a V6 or a V8 engine. Atlas will not have a 5.0-liter engine, as several rumors claimed. The new model will strive for a more compact and efficient displacement. However, we do not rule out the idea of a V8 engine.

The base engine will most likely be a 3.3-liter V6. This is most certainly the best option for a buyer. It is not the best towing engine, but it does not consume a lot of petrol. A V6 engine is efficient and long-lasting, delivering 290 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque. However, don’t expect any big gains (until we see a hybrid arrangement). A turbo-six engine is another intriguing option. A 2.7-liter engine can create 325 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. The Atlas vehicle will almost certainly have a diesel powertrain as an option.

2023 Ford Atlas Price And Release Date

The impending 2023 Ford Atlas will most likely be a special edition of the popular F-150 pickup truck. It will not be a new and separate brand in Ford’s truck lineup. It will, nevertheless, draw attention as a limited edition. However, it will also be determined by the cost. With all of the extra features for the Atlas, we can’t expect it to be inexpensive. According to analysts, it will cost around the same as the Raptor model, which costs around $50,000.


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