– Crossovers, SUVs, and pickup trucks abound in the US market. In Europe, traditional cars are still in use. As a result, a new 2023 Ford Capri could be on the way. At the present, it appears that the Blue Oval carmaker will continue to focus on its current product. Of course, new models are on the way, including the electric Mustang Mach-E crossover and the F-150 Lightning truck.

Capri’s European supporters, however, remain hopeful. They should be, as Ford Europe’s design chief stated that the all-new Capri model might arrive in Europe soon. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know.

2023 Ford Capri
2023 Ford Capri

News for 2023 Ford Capri

According to Ford Europe’s head design, the 2023 Ford Capri could happen. However, if Ford believes that this fast car can fit in the lineup, it will not happen. The carmaker is obviously thinking about it. Bringing back antique cars is a trendy choice these days. However, Ford is adopting a different strategy. Reviving historic nameplates has also become popular in recent years.

Capri, on the other hand, is a legendary model. It would be lovely to see it back on the roads, but that is not the case. It is unclear whether enthusiasts would be interested in a sports automobile with a hybrid drivetrain. As you are aware, emission rules are more stringent than ever before. Nonetheless, Ford celebrated Capri’s 50th anniversary by introducing the Capri RS2600 model.

2023 Ford Capri Concept

Yes, you can read that well. According to some reports, the new 2023 Ford Capri may be totally redesigned. According to the newest reports, Capri will return as an all-electric coupe crossover. This is another approach. Reviving iconic models and offering them as fully electric variants. It is a good method to get people interested in EVs, but success is not guaranteed. Of course, it will be a compact crossover with a coupe-like form, and it will be accessible in Europe.

It would be fantastic to see the new 2023 Ford Capri in Europe. However, this paradigm will not be implemented in the United States. Previously, the Ford Mustang was the automobile for the United States. In Europe, the Capri was essentially a Mustang. And, unlike the Mustang, the Capri had a V6 engine.

2023 Ford Capri Price And Release Date

This model could eventually make its way to Europe, either as a normal car or as an all-electric coupe crossover. Australia, like Europe, has its own version of this car, dubbed the Mk1. The introduction of an old-school automobile is unlikely. However, electrification is on the road, therefore Ford will almost certainly introduce a slew of new vehicles by 2023. Capri, who knows?


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