– Roush Performance is one of several aftermarket businesses that may make your Ford appear better. The mix of unique parts that fans demand but the Blue Oval firm does not sell will set you back roughly $18,000. The vehicle retains normal engines. Roush is not improving performance like Hennessey Performance. Instead, the 2024 Ford F150 Roush will be a one-of-a-kind vehicle that may be seen on the streets.

There are packages available for the all-new F150 pickup. The firm is serious, and you can even get optional upgrades for this model, such as unique audio, premium leather, or black accents. The following is a list of the upgrades you will receive.

2024 Ford F150 Roush
2024 Ford F150 Roush

2024 Ford F150 Roush Package

The basic package features characteristic elements such as high-flow grille lights, fender emblems, pedals, a redesigned dashboard, and floor liners. ROUSH also revisits the suspension and adds a 2.0 Fox system with a performance setting. The exhaust system also improves performance. There are distinctive wheels, as well as bumper coverings, fender flares, and tailgate lights.

The dashboard saves the serial number. There are new key fobs. The ROUSH Graphic Package includes a distinctive bumper, tailgate and door graphics, as well as a ROUSH plate. Body-colored fender flares, powerful exhaust, upmarket leather upholstery, and two special packages – Ready Package and Black Graphic Package – are also available.

2024 Ford F150 Roush Updates

The corporation means business. They are selling improvements for the all-new F-150. It is difficult to prepare automobile parts so quickly. Roush is only upgrading the XLT and Lariat versions. So you’ll have to spend more money before you can get the $18,000 improvement. These additional packages and premium features will raise the tuning cost even higher. All of these enhancements are advantageous. Fans and enthusiasts must adore the graphics, suspension lift, and one-of-a-kind touches.

What could be better? The performance is the same as the standard vehicle. That is why the Hennessey jobs garner more attention. However, it is not just about the specifications. Every year, the business sells almost a million F-150 pickup trucks. You won’t confuse your Roush package with another.

2024 Ford F150 Roush Rumors

Aftermarket enhancements void the warranty. Such behavior is not tolerated in any organization. The 2024 Ford F150 Roush, on the other hand, comes with an additional three-year, 36,000-mile warranty. All cars and components are thoroughly tested by the firm. Buyers benefit from the warranty. You are insured if anything goes wrong.

The XLT and Lariat variants can be upgraded. The bundles cost $47,000 and $57,000, respectively. The Roush package is a $18,500 option. There are also extra-cost features and bundles. Overall, if you want to stand out among the sea of F-150 pickups, the Roush is one of the better options. It won’t push the performance to the limit, but it will make the ride more memorable. Roush also manufactures parts for Super Duty vehicles and the legendary Mustang ponycar.


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